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Sonya Gillespie

I am living out my passion I enjoy learning about different herbs and earthly concepts. My motto is to live through emotion, body, mind, and spirit!

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Welcome to Holistic Livin’. We’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. That’s because our products are built with quality materials and natural ingredients to meet the highest industry standards. Keep reading to learn more, and reach out with questions on what we have to offer.

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Spartanburg, SC, USA

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All of our products are hand-crafted locally using the highest quality ingredients to ensure each  is a premium product that your customer will love!

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Without over-drying, this extra gentle cleanser washes away dirt, surface oils, impurities, and makeup that can clog pores and irritate sensitive skin. Use facial bars in the morning and at night.

Facial Cleansing Bars

Soap Type
  • Neem Bars - Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Shea Butter Soap Base , Yellow Colorant.


    Avocado Bars - Eucalyptus, Tra Tree, Aloe Butter, Avocoda Soap Base. 

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